New 2008 UL 943 Compliant GFCI 20 Amps

New 2008 UL 943 Compliant GFCI 20 Amps


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20A 125V AC,Duplex GFCI Receptacle with 2008 UL and CUL Compliant with “End Of Life” Red
LED;Red LED gets off from light when a GFCI is End of Life

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Amperage: 15A/20A, 20A Feed Through
Supply Voltage: 125VAC/60HZ
Voltage Range: 102-132VAC
Trip Level: 4-6mA
Trip Time: 0.025 seconds
Max Humidity: 95%
Operation Temperature: -35C to +66C
Surge protection: MAX 10KAmps, 20K Voltage AC


  • Meets the latest UL 2008 requirements, UL Standard 943 Class A(GFCI) and 498(Receptacle)
  • 2-pole,3-wire grounding duplex receptacle
  • Impact-resistant thermoplastic cover and body
  • More resistance to electrical noise and to moisture corrosion
  • Versions available with matching TEST and RESET buttons .
  • Immediate indication(RED LED light gets off) if GFCI has lost the ability to protect
  • UL listed, fully compliant with all latest 2008 version UL943 (4th edition) class A GFCI, UL498 requirements
  • Protects from miswired line-load connections and GFCI circuitry damage
  • Large visual indicator light provides quick visual reference of a tripped or end of life condition
  • When downstream receptacles are wired from load side, a 20A feed through rating offers full protection
  • Compact design provides maximum wiring room in grounded box applications
  • Durable chemical and impact-resistant thermoplastic construction
  • Maximum wiring flexibility is provided with 8 separate back-wiring holes that accept up to #10 AWG stranded or solid wire
  • Ground screw back-wiring clamp for fast, secure termination
  • Terminal screws are backed out, staked and ready to wire
  • Device and wall-plate mounting screws are captive, speeding installation time
  • Longer, wider bridged strap provides 40% more contact area with wallboard, virtually eliminating floating installations
  • Color-matched and recessed test and reset buttons provide uniform appearance
  • Matched thermoplastic wall-plate included
  • GFCI with auto ground eliminates the need for a bonding jumper in grounded metal enclosures
  • GFCI with auto ground provides a redundant measure of ground continuity where a jumper is used
  • Function of SCR open circuit fault displays
Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

Almond, Ivory, White


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