Three-way Decorator Switch #SSK-1B

Three-way Decorator Switch #SSK-1B


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15A 120V/277V AC Three-way Decorator Switch Back & Side Wire

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High impact-resistant steel mounting strap for corrosion resistance; Thermoplastic rocker, top and back body are virtually unbreakable, promising years of durable performance.
120/277V rating ideal for fluorescent lighting fixtures typical in commercial applications.
Spring-loaded mechanism construction for very quiet , smooth and soft operation.
Automatic ground and green ground screw terminal standard.
Screws accept slotted, Phillips, and Robertson-head tools for installations in both the U.S. and Canada.
Combination head mounting and terminal screws ease installation.
Push-In terminals accept #14 solid wire, back wire clamps on the side terminals provide for easy installation of #12 and #14 wire.
Colors available: White , Ivory , Almond
UL, CUL listed.


Almond, Ivory, White


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